Athletic 1-0 Barcelona

Goal - Aduriz, 89

The Spanish La Liga kick off with the Athletic-Barcelona match.

It is obvious that an unprecedented phenomenon took place in Armenian football. The Banants-Lori Semi-Final match was abandoned. The owner of "Banants" Jivan Cheloyants announced about the boycott of the game and that the game will not take place. The FFA did not hesitate to issue a statement “FFA strongly condemned Jivan Cheloyan's behavior and said that any club or individual has no right to interfere with the FFA-controlled competition, adding that the selection of referees and evaluation of their actions, is the jurisdiction of FFA. It was also mentioned in the statement that the FFA Disciplinary Committee would impose sanctions”.  

Champions League, 1/4 finals

Juventus 1-2 Ajax   


Ajax already won Real Madrid and did so in second leg of the tie in an away match, but it seems Juventus wanted to learn his own lesson. Ajax already made big noise trashing Madrid out of Champions league but one thing is the unstable Real Madrid, which had a temporary head coach, something else is Juventus, whose coach is perhaps the best tactician in all Europe and perhaps the only one that can be found who knows how to outscore Barcelona, on his home field.

Fantastic striker of Atalanta, Duvan Zapata scored an incredible 17 goals in the last ten games and reached the number of 20 goals in 29 matches.

Spanish striker Alvaro Morata arrived at a loan to Atletico Madrid and said he had always dreamed of wearing Atletico Madrid jersey, in which he came down and who is the big rival of the more successful Real Madrid.

Experienced Brazilian footballer Dani Alves arrived in Paris in 2017 as a free player from Juventus, and the media today arrived to information that can not be read every day.

                                                          West Ham United 1 - 0 Arsenal

It took 12 years and 2 months for West Ham United to win Arsenal at home with help of ex-Arsenal controversial player Samir Nasri. This game was much anticipated by both club fans, Samir Nasri recently joined West Ham United who had a longtime controversial history with Arsenal. The little prince had his huge impact on the game by assisting Declan Rice to score the only goal of the game which helped them to win the game after so many years in their home turf.

Jordan Henderson is doubtful for Brighton clash and is very likely to join Liverpool injury list.

The central game of Seria A between Napoli and Milan did not disappoint us. It was very spectacular game for neutrals. Napoli had eleven shots in first half which gave them nothing with Milan's only shot on target produced a great goal for them.

The opening game of second round in Seria A was between Juventus and Lazio